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Silestone is a globally recognized brand of quartz surfaces. It is composed of up to 94% natural quartz (crystallized silicon dioxide), which gives it a superior strength and resistance, and inorganic materials: unsaturated polyester resins, carefully selected pigments and anti-bacterial protection in the form of silver ions. The exact composition of the material varies by color.

Silestone is available in over 60 attractive colors and 3 different textures: polished, Suede and Volcano - the possibilities are endless.

It comes in format 304x138 cm and 325x158 cm and thicknesses of 1.2, 2.0 and 3.0 cm.

Application: it is primarily used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Silestone offers virtually unlimited possibilities in terms of applications. It is suitable for indoor use.


  • Non-porous: with a special method during the manufacturing process all air pockets, including the pores have been removed, therefore is stain resistant and also does not require any special impregnation;
  • Strong and sustainable: made from a minimum of 94% natural quartz crystals, which makes it much more resistant to shocks, scratches and burns;
  • Easy to maintain: the surface is non-porous, therefore it is easy for maintaining and cleaning. Maintenance instructions are available here. (link to the catalogue)
  • Contains antibacterial protection: antibacterial protection prevents the formation of bacterias and preserves greater cleanliness and freshness.